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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"What Filipino Bad qualities should we change to progress?" eto yung homework namin sa english na sinulta ko...

“Stop for one moment and Think”

“Mabuhay Filipinos!” this is what we will always hear in contests and competitions held in places outside our country. Sometimes, this phrase that we chant every time we compete helps us win, and other countries think that we are progressing internationally. However, if we go back to our country, and study its people and places, we will see that it is is not really progressing upwards, but crashing downwards. So how can we say that we are progressing if our fellow citizens are drinking sewage water and eating canned sardines and noodles? We are not progressing, but falling. If we go back and study our history, we will see that the Filipino people always blame the leaders who run our country, if there is an oil crisis or the peso-dollar fight is worthless, we will generate rallies and shout to the leaders that they are not doing their job, that they are only using the money of the people for their own benefit. But the answer why we are still like this is not because of our leaders but because of our own actions and our own bad qualities.
These “Bad Qualities” are the main reason why there are hundreds of houses built in illegal lands and why a large part of our people is experiencing hunger. Maybe the chief of these qualities, is the “Bahala na Mentality,” why? Because our people does not work and cooperate in order to at elevate our country, but they only follow the principle “Come what may.” This quality of the Filipinos originated from our ancestors and is still living today, we only wait on God in what He is going to do, and sometimes blame Him because of the bad happenings in our country. This is clearly wrong, because we should work and join forces in order to achieve what we want for our country, we should follow the old saying, “I shall do my best and God will take care of the rest.”

Another quality that brings us down is what we call, “The Crab Mentality.” This characteristic of the Filipinos is one of the most devastating one. For example, if one of our neighbors rises and progress, we Filipinos tend to pull them down instead of feeling happy for them. This is the reason why our own country is not rising, we our pulling ourselves when someone is going to a higher level than us, the result is that there is no net rise in our country, we are still in the same level as before.

There exist hundreds of bad qualities of the Filipinos that we should change in order to progress. But we just cannot see them, or we do not want to see them. We should stop for one moment and think, “Why are we still in this place? Why are we not moving forward? Is it because of me? Maybe it is my fault, maybe I am the reason why we are not progressing. If I really am the main cause of all our sufferings, I should change myself not blame it to others or to God”

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